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Physics 2A

Physics 2A
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Welcome to the Phys 2A page. If you are In Noah's Phys 2A workshop then you are in the right place. Here you will find all the material you will need for this workshop. Because it would be an inconvenience to make many copies for all of you, here you will be able to print off as many copies of the worksheets and solutions as you wish.

This page will also include any new information regarding the workshops progress including sylabi and dates for midterms or review sessions. Please visit this page often because you will never know what is going to be here. Sometimes i will also include of extra fun information if it pertains to the material we are going over in the workshop.



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Fact or Fiction?

Test the myth!

There's a myth that states that if you drop a penny off the top of the empire state building that you could accidentally kill somone if the penny hits them in the head. Test the myth by finding what kind of force the penny would have when it hits the ground. After you find that do some more research to find out how much force the human skull can withold. Disregard air resistance. If you feel smart try to include air resistance and see how much that will affect your results. Click the picture for more info in the Empire State building!

If you have any administration questions, i.e grading, quizzes, homework etc. Please refer to the official class website.

Class info can be found here!